Celebrating Mother’s Day with the Bishop of Leicester and the congregation at St Stephens Church

Today was a very special day in many ways, not only were we celebrating mother’s day and recognising all the amazing things they do and the sacrifices they make for us everyday, we also extended a warm welcome to the The Rt Revd Martyn Snow the 7th Bishop of Leicester to Woodville.

Bishop Martyn explained in his sermon that he was praying for more parties in and around the county. Parties to celebrate not just our successes, but to also celebrate our rich community life, parties to celebrate our diversity, and parties to celebrate God’s good gifts.

His sermon resonated with the leaders of 1st Woodville Scout Group as we are all committed to seeking new ways in which our young people can help celebrate the good in our community.

The church kindly arranged a retiring collection for the group which made the grand total of £114, a massive contribution towards our hall refurbishment project.

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